Hopper Selects RateGain for Access to Global Hotel Supply Inventory and Pricing Intelligence Data

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
Hopper Logo

RateGain Travel Technologies Limited, a global SaaS company for travel and hospitality, has announced a strategic partnership with Hopper – the world's fastest-growing mobile-first travel marketplace. This new partnership will connect Hopper to hospitality chains globally and will enable reservations made via certain Hopper Cloud partners to flow through RateGain's Connectivity Switch platform.

Hopper aims to leverage RateGain's technology with its comprehensive demand and supply network to deliver unique travel booking experiences to users as well boost visibility and hotel bookings across continents. As travelers start planning their trips again – mobile apps like Hopper are preferred by digitally savvy and "on-the-go" younger travel consumers searching for the best deals.

Besides connectivity, Hopper also leverages RateGain's competitive pricing intelligence product for Hotels and Car Rentals worldwide to stay ahead in the market. The actionable insights help them respond proactively to market changes at a granular level. RateGain continues to add value for Hopper through product enhancements like AI-driven room mapping, API Integration, competitive intelligence from mobile app, devices, meta channels, etc.

Commenting on the partnership, Chinmai Sharma, President - Americas, RateGain, said, "Consumer behavior has undergone a 360-degree shift. The lines between travel and work are surely blurring. Digital-first travel companies like Hopper extend more flexibility to their customers by connecting the right supply with the right demand. We are happy to play our part in this exciting phase of human evolution. RateGain's Connectivity Switch platform ensures seamless connectivity to supply that delivers a smooth booking experience for travelers completing bookings on Hopper." 

"One quality we liked in RateGain was our mutual synergies. They've built a strong travel and hospitality company on the back of cutting-edge technology platforms – and have more than three decades of expertise in the distribution space. This connectivity would eventually open doors for all our supply partners to tap into 400+ demand partners on RateGain, including leading OTAs, regional players, metasearch engines, GDSs, etc. We hope this partnership would ultimately fuel the recovery for not just our partners and customers, but the industry as a whole," said David Lewis, Head of Hotel Supply, Hopper.    

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