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HITEC: Onity Announces New OnPoin Encoder

Onity announces its latest product, the OnPoint keycard encoder, designed specifically for the hospitality industry. With its modular design, optional wireless connectivity, and innovative touch screen interface, OnPoint speeds up the front desk experience for both staff and guests and provides hotels with one of the most flexible and reliable encoder solutions available in the hospitality industry. Onity, one of the world's leading providers of electronic locking solutions, is a business of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.
The OnPoint encoder offers TCP/IP connectivity and includes 'hot-swappable' encoding decks, allowing hotels to upgrade card technologies without replacing the entire front desk system. The OnPoint system supports up to 99 encoders, all networked and synchronized back to a parent encoder. Multiple encoders can be designated to take over for the parent if it goes offline. OnPoint also provides remote database backup, enhanced configuration options for hotels, and four USB ports for printing, memory, and enhanced connectivity. Obtaining technical support is also easier than ever, as OnPoint utilizes web-based connectivity to Onity's 24/365 Technical Support Team.
The new encoder includes full Property Management System (PMS) support and is compatible with existing Onity locking solutions. Availability of this new product will be coming soon.

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