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HITEC: Nomadix Announces Security, Speed & Flexibility Enhancements to NSE Software

Nomadix, Inc., a provider of network gateway devices, announced an upgrade to its NSE software that will give enhanced security, speed and control capabilities to its customers in the industries serving mobile, transient users of the Internet.
The NSE 7.3 extends Nomadix's status with five enhancements aimed at giving customers unprecedented new capabilities:
  • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) that allows subscribers to use a secure method of resolving website addresses. This helps prevent phishing techniques whereby hackers attempt to direct users to forged websites in order to collect sensitive data such as passwords and/or present false information.
  • Destination HTTP Redirect, a feature that provides DNS-triggered redirection of HTTP requests to one or more portal page URLs configured on the NSE gateway.
  • Real Time Processes (RTP) execute applications outside the kernel that result in fewer system reboots and full flexibility for application maintenance.
  • Home Page Redirect for HTTPS websites to enable subscribers who are using a HTTPS website as a home page to be redirected to a landing page provided by the network operator. This will be of particular interest to subscribers employed by financial services companies that often use HTTPS protocol to access their home page.
  • Volume-based RADIUS Re-Authentication enabling providers to offer metered billing with ability to charge different rates for progressive volume tiers and time.
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