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HITEC NEWS: Sheraton in Times Square Integrates RFID Locks with Energy Management System

The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel has deployed Saflok’s Quantum RFID electronic locks as part of the INNCOM network throughout the hotel’s 1,400 rooms.  
The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel has leveraged the Kaba – INNCOM partnership to create more reliable guest security, satisfaction, and cost savings. Saflok’s Quantum RFID electronic guest door locks are an integral part of the property’s $150 million renovation.  The locking system integrates seamlessly with the INNCOM network to provide online locking features and enhanced energy savings without the need for an additional communications backbone.
Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel relies on reliable, secure Saflok RFID technology to future-proof its investment. Quantum RFID locks communicate to each room’s thermostat. When guests exit, the air conditioner or heater is automatically reset to a pre-configured level. 
Kaba’s long-term relationship with Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel keeps guests secure. Since the Saflok Quantum door locks communicate bi-directionally with INNCOM’s thermostats for personalized guestroom comfort, it was a perfect solution for the property. The hotel’s staff centrally monitors and controls the two online systems that share one backbone. In this case, high-tech provides safety and savings on infrastructure costs.  RFID keys are very reliable and not susceptible to demagnetization, which was an important benefit for Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel.
Saflok’s System 6000 online capability enhances Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel’s security management. If a guest’s door is left ajar for a specific length of time, the Saflok Quantum lock sends a signal via the INNCOM backbone software that generates an alert at the front desk.  Alerts are also sent to the security staff via email or SMS to investigate.  “The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel places a high priority on its guests’ safety, and Saflok meets this requirement beautifully” says Hirschy.
Going to HITEC 2013 in Minneapolis? Visit booth 1101 to meet with Kaba’s team for a demonstration of the secure, reliable Saflok and ILCO locking solutions.
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