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HITEC NEWS: Nickelodeon Suites Resort Upgrades to Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solution

Nickelodeon Suites Resort, an Orlando-based hotel designed to feature themes from the eponymous children's TV network, has deployed hundreds of PowerCloud™ Systems PowerCloud Access Points (APs) to deliver wireless connectivity to its rooms, Wi-Fi enabled televisions and thousands of guests. Working closely with Smart Hospitality, a California-based managed services partner, Nickelodeon Suites chose PowerCloud Systems' solution for their challenging wireless environment to dramatically increase network performance, deliver reliable client connectivity and reduce the total cost of delivering Wi-Fi as a service to its guests.
PowerCloud Systems specializes in delivering enterprise-class Wi-Fi-as-a-Service using the cloud to deliver network intelligence, security and control to a network of APs without the need for an expensive, on-site controller. Not only does this reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an enterprise-class Wi-Fi network, it vastly speeds deployment, since PowerCloud's APs require zero-touch configuration and management.
This was particularly relevant for the Nickelodeon Suites deployment. One of the most popular amenities of the hotel are Smart Hospitality's multiple wireless-connected Set-Top Boxes (STBs) in every suite.  As adults and children are bringing an increasing number of connected mobile devices, a robust Wi-Fi network was also a must.  With PowerCloud's "zero-touch" deployment capabilities, Smart Hospitality was able to ship APs directly to the resort.  No on-site configuration was required other than the simple task of plugging them in via the existing Ethernet connection.
From their offices in California, the deployment team at Smart Hospitality used CloudCommand to register the APs for security, enter in the global configuration for the network, assign names and locations, and then remotely direct the installers as to where to place them. The configurations were preset – when the installer plugged the AP in to the network at the hotel, the access point immediately 'phoned home' via the cloud, downloaded the provisioning protocols and security settings, and began broadcasting.
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