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HITEC 2021 NEWS: Margaritaville Partners with Hapi for Total Customer Data Strategy

The lifestyle brand will utilize Hapi Connect for Salesforce to power a holistic customer data strategy through the world’s leading CRM, centralizing guest data across retail, restaurant, homes, and hotels.
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Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City (Source: Hapi)
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Margaritaville has turned to Hapi to consolidate customer data and set up a suite of Salesforce tools, including Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and Interaction Studio.

Hapi Connect will deliver PMS data across Margaritaville’s 25-property portfolio into Salesforce Cloud environments in real time, empowering the brand team to accelerate growth and focus on building holistic business and guest intelligence. The company will also look to integrate customer data across other business verticals – including retail, restaurant, homes and more – to better understand customer preferences and enable their system to offer personalized experiences to guests.

“We were looking for a solution that could expand beyond our hospitality business,” said Claudia Infante, Vice President of Revenue Strategy at Margaritaville, about the partnership with Hapi. “Margaritaville is a lifestyle brand with different kinds of lodging – resorts, urban and boutique hotels, all-inclusive, vacation homes, RV resorts – in addition to retail, restaurants, and consumer lifestyle products. We want to use consumer data and business intelligence across our multiple verticals to drive our strategies into the future.”

“Salesforce is the leader of CRMs and widely adopted by major businesses around the globe,” Infante continued. “We have a partner in Hapi that understands our business objectives and knows how to leverage the full power of the Salesforce platform to enable our success.”

With Hapi Connect, Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts’ data will be the fuel to drive the Salesforce algorithm and enhance an innovative loyalty program, marketing campaigns and sales strategies to make more impactful guest connections. By collecting action data insights from multiple PMS instances, email campaigns, social tools, website visits, Point-of-Sale systems, and other points of customer interaction, Margaritaville will set itself apart from the competition with a one-of-a-kind approach to data and marketing.

“We’re excited to unlock innovation for Margaritaville’s leadership team by allowing them to centralize PMS and other data across their portfolio into a single-view database,” said Luis Segredo, CEO of Hapi. “Hapi is quickly becoming the de facto API standard for connectivity and we’re proud to be helping hoteliers at both property and corporate levels access and action their data. The future is digital and smart organizations like Margaritaville are investing in a data management strategy that will lay the groundwork for continued innovation.”

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