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HITEC 2015 NEWS: Highpointe Hotel Merges Performance Data on 3-System Platform

Highpointe Hotel Corporation partnered with Aptech Computer Systems for its 3-system integrated hotel solutions in accounting, business intelligence, and planning ecosystem, as featured at HITEC 2015. Highpointe initially signed on to Aptech’s Profitvue enterprise back office accounting solution when it, like much of the world, anticipated a Y2K bug that never materialized, but it has since "completed the suite" for the company’s additional solutions found in Execuvue business intelligence, Webvue internet accounting support, and Targetvue planning and budgeting.
As a full-service hotel management and development company based in Gulf Breeze, Fla., and operating 15 properties in Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana, Highpointe finds benefit in "three comprehensive solutions that allow property data to flow so smoothly between them," according to Mark Pate, Highpointe’s assistant controller/IT director, who now calls Aptech more of a strategic partner than a vendor.
"Sticking with a single, solid vendor is always easier," said Pate. "Aptech is the only company in the industry I know of that provides all the systems and functionality we need on one tightly integrated platform."
With Profitvue, "Aptech created a custom program that even imported our third-party vendor data," Pate said. Meanwhile, "much of our business is driven by the numbers from Execuvue," he noted. "Aptech wrote interface programs so Highpointe’s payroll and HR systems upload time and attendance data to Execuvue without our staff having to rekey. Execuvue integrates that information with data on guest satisfaction, back office financials, Smith Travel Research, and soon, TripAdvisor, into our enterprise and property reporting system. Seeing this information side by side helps us understand the factors that influence performance and profitability so we make better business decisions."
Highpointe upgraded to Targetvue "because we needed a budgeting/forecasting system that was better than Excel," explained Pate. "For example, one of our property owners requires line-item forecasting with 30, 60, and 90-day projections to year-end. These processes are nearly impossible in Excel." Pate said Aptech customized Targetvue to accommodate Highpointe's unique budgeting requirements.
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