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Hilton Expands Mobile Key Access for Guests

Hilton Worldwide is enabling guests to use their smartphone as their room key with Onity’s DirectKey™ mobile access solution. The Onity DirectKey system uses cloud-based key credentialing and Bluetooth® technology to allow hotel guests to securely download their assigned key to their smartphone through the hotel's loyalty app for easy access to their guest room and other access-controlled areas.
The DirectKey technology has been deployed at more than 100 Hilton properties in the U.S. after a successful 4-month trial that received high guest satisfaction ratings. Hilton intends to expand the mobile key feature to its full-service hotels in the United States by the end of the year.
"We team with companies that share our vision for enhancing the guest experience through constant innovation," said Geraldine Calpin, senior vice president and global head of marketing and digital at Hilton Worldwide. "We're excited to continue working with Onity to make our guests' stay experiences even easier through this state-of-the-art technology."
Onity released its DirectKey system for major hotel brands in June 2015. The solution enables hotel IT and brand leaders to integrate mobile key access into their loyalty applications.
Hilton is making the mobile key technology available through its HHonors app as a "Digital Key" feature. Onity provided Hilton a mobile software toolkit for the app integration, as well as a comprehensive credentialing solution including a cloud-based platform to manage guest access and Bluetooth hardware modules on hotel door locks and readers to enable access with mobile devices.
Onity's DirectKey credentialing technology provides a secure virtual key for Hilton hotel guests. The system activates an "unlock" button on Hilton HHonors members' app screen when they are within close range of their door. By pressing the button, guests can gain access to their assigned room.
The Onity DirectKey technology has undergone rigorous testing and has been vetted by internal and external security experts. The Bluetooth hardware modules provided by Onity employ advanced encryption technology to complement the security of existing locks. Because implementation of the DirectKey system involved retrofitting Hilton's existing door locks with the modules, Onity designed the system to be compatible with locks from other industry providers.
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