Harri Launches Three New Products

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

In response to the most challenging labor market conditions in over 30 years, Harri, the revolutionary Human Capital Management platform serving over 20,000 restaurant and hotel locations and 4 million hospitality employees globally, announced today the launch of three integrated product suites that extend Harri's current talent acquisition and workforce management capabilities to create the first scalable, end-to-end Employee Experience Platform, built from the ground up for hospitality and other service workforces.

CoreHR consolidates data and streamlines human resource workflows across multiple HR systems, connecting individual employees and their teams to the wider organization. Harri iQ, an analytics platform, allows business operators to interact with their data in a consumer-minded way. CommsHub is a customizable communications platform that enables managers to connect with frontline workers across multiple locations and teams.

"This new product collection is a game-changer for the hospitality industry and can revolutionize how these businesses operate. It allows organizations to breathe new life into the employee-employer relationship at a time of profound change," said Harri founder and CEO Luke Fryer. "These tools further our commitment to frontline employees — from application and onboarding to helping them manage their schedules to data analysis that will improve their day-to-day. Managers win, too. They get seamlessly integrated products that make their work more efficient."

CoreHR delivers a unique payroll-agnostic approach and provides frontline employees and managers with a one-stop shop for their daily needs, including the ability to view their pay stubs, manage their schedule, and more. Harri iQ synthesizes HR data with information from across the organization, enabling leaders to predict the future health and needs of the business based on the performance and sentiment of their team. CommsHub weaves communications into daily workflows within a secure environment and makes the connection between employees and the organization more effective.

The full Harri Employee Experience Platform will be on display at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 21–24 in Chicago.

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