Harri Launches Employee Health Check Platform

Harri introduces a COVID-19 Employee Health Check Platform, an integrated response to efficiently survey an employee’s health symptoms before entering the restaurant and starting their shift. With the health and safety of team members, customers and the community at large a top priority, the process to support that responsibility requires a robust and transparent digital solution.

Harri is an enterprise human capital management (HCM) platform serving 20,000 restaurant and hotel locations that represent over 3 million hospitality employees.  Using Harri Live, the core operations mobile app, managers can gather an employee’s health symptoms, prior to starting their shift, by following a pre-built COVID-19 health questionnaire and logging an employees temperature. Based on the answers supplied and the employee’s temperature reading, the system will alert the manager to whether the employee passed or failed the health check.

Records of completed health checks are easily reportable for the business to view and print in real-time. Upon completion of the health check, a business can print the results of the collective health checks and post them prominently at the entry to the restaurant or include with a delivery order. Transparency and accountability are key outcomes of the process.

The COVID-19 Employee Health Check Platform, delivers the following capabilities:

  • Accessible on Harri Live, a native mobile application available for Android and iOS devices
  • Pre-built, interactive COVID-19 health questionnaire for managers to administrate
  • Ability to digitally log an employees temperature
  • Reporting capabilities and print-ready templates for on-location use
  • With TeamHub, Harri’s Biometric Time-Clock, employers can push a PPE announcement and digitally process an employee’s acknowledgement and permission

As part of this effort, Harri intends to contribute 50% of its profits from this product to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF). Additionally, in partnership with the NRA and Upskill, Harri will be granting free access to Food Handling and Safety training courses to bolster the health and safety offering at this time.

To learn more, please visit https://harri.com/covid-19-employee-safety/

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