HappyOrNot Feedback Terminals to Be Coated in Anti-COVID Protective Film

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

HappyOrNot (www.happy-or-not.com), a customer experience management solution, relied upon by the likes of JACK & JONES, Autogrill, and London Heathrow Airport, announced that it will coat its internationally-recognizable ‘smiley face’ terminals with an antimicrobial solution scientifically proven, via ISO standardization (ISO21702), to be efficient against coronaviruses and bacteria.

HEXIS Graphics’ PUREZONE® adhesive film has been chosen by HappyOrNot to initially protect the smiley faced buttons of its Smiley Terminals, which are trusted by 4,000 brands across 135 countries, having collected and reported on over 1.5 billion in-moment feedback responses since 2009.

How PUREZONE® works

Between cleaning phases a hazardous biofilm, composed of micro-organisms and a mucous layer that requires mechanical cleaning action, may form on surfaces. PUREZONE® prevents the reformation of biofilms, and is scientifically proven to reduce coronavirus viraemia by 95% 15 minutes after coming into contact with it, and by nearly 99.9% one hour after coming into contact.

PUREZONE® is a transparent and waterproof Cast PVC that acts as barrier against humidity, which germs require to proliferate. The coating contains evenly distributed silver ions encapsulated within the film which, during cleaning operations and in the presence of humidity, are released from the top layer of the film and when coming into contact with bacteria, block their metabolism and/or interrupt their proliferation mechanism, leading to their destruction.

PUREZONE® is effective against 99.99% of germs (in conformity with the ISO 22196 standard), and is perfectly ecological. It is suitable for use in areas that require a high degree of hygiene, including hospitals, agri-food and wet rooms. The coating is compatible with standard cleaning protocols, resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol, diluted acids and oils, and isn’t irritable for human skin.

HappyOrNot’s Smiley Terminals consist of four smiley-faced buttons that customers are invited to press to indicate whether they are very happy, happy, unhappy or very unhappy with the service that they experienced. New terminals will now, as standard, have this antimicrobial coating, while existing terminals can easily be retrofitted with the film.

All HappyOrNot terminals that are protected by the coating will display a sticker of authenticity, meaning customers can safely, and in confidence, provide anonymized feedback.

Heikki Väänänen, HappyOrNot CEO and co-founder, comments: “The safety of our customers, and the people who engage with our terminals, remains our top priority. We have always provided customers with easy-to-follow, yet detailed, cleaning instructions in order to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained, and as a result our terminals prove to be typically cleaner than many other items or devices with which visitors might interact. Indeed, there have been 1.5 billion interactions with our terminals since 2009, and not one single reported case of transmission of any kind of illness.

“However, we want customers to feel as safe as possible, which is why we are the first company within our sector to roll out this measure. Looking ahead, it’s going to be even more important for companies to gauge customer and employee satisfaction, happiness, and confidence, and by implementing the HEXIS PUREZONE® coating to our unrivalled feedback collection services we allow them to do so in a safe and responsible way.”

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