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GroupRaise Rolls Out Takeout Tuesday For Local Restaurants and Food Banks

Local store marketing and fundraising platform GroupRaise is inviting its 10,000+ restaurant partners and their communities to participate in Takeout for Good, a national Takeout Tuesday on June 2 when restaurants can welcome additional orders and help food-insecure families at the same time.

When a customer orders as part of the event, the restaurant will donate 15-25% of that order’s sales to their local food bank. The funds will help food banks continue to provide essential meals to struggling families.

Participating in the event can actually bring in additional orders and new customers for restaurants affected by COVID-19. Through the event, restaurants can also spread the word that they are still open, let people know about their takeout options, and build stronger relationships with their communities.

Similar takeout fundraisers have already been successful for both restaurants and fundraising groups during March, April, and May, despite the pandemic. In fact, the average total returns for restaurant fundraisers has increased 26% comparing April 2019 to April 2020.

Applying the proven takeout fundraiser model, GroupRaise’s Takeout for Good event on Tuesday, June 2 will encourage a high participation rate by allowing Americans to kill three birds with one stone: support local restaurants in this difficult time, raise funds for families in need, and take a break from cooking.

To get involved, restaurants can register on the GroupRaise website and choose the percentage of sales that they’d like to donate. Community members nationwide can search for participating restaurants near them and commit to the cause with an online RSVP.


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