GoGoGuest Launches Engagement & Intelligence Platform

Hospitality brands continue to take a beating this holiday season and are doing everything they can to keep customers engaged. Without having access to key customer insights, restaurants are losing money on promotions that target the wrong audiences. To help boost sales during the holidays , GoGoGuest launched its engagement and intelligence platform targeting the restaurant and hospitality industry. The platform delivers powerful customer intelligence and business insights to increase in-store and online revenue loyalty by more than 90% with nearly 80% in cost savings.

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Major franchise restaurant brands like Edley’s Bar-B-Que, The Bean NYC, and South Lake Beer Company are able to quickly identify and act on emerging customer trends without needing to hire an expensive data scientist or data engineering team. They can then develop complete customer profiles and foster better relationships with their guests.

"Running a restaurant means operating on tight margins. If you can align customer lifecycles, sales performance data, and the cost of goods, you can keep customers coming back and increase revenue, said Jessica Valenzuela, Co-Founder & CEO, GoGoGuest. “When data is easy to organize, analyze, and act upon, it can lead to a deeper understanding of revenue cycles, pricing strategies, labor trends, and which products and menu offerings are driving profitability - providing a solid foundation for continued revenue in the face of future economic uncertainty.”

“Historically, we’ve relied on social media marketing as our main form of guest outreach,” said Will Newman, founder & CEO, Edley’s. “With GoGoGuest, we have been able to transform our business seemingly overnight. Now we have the insight we need to make the right decisions quickly, pivot when we have to, and engage customers in ways we didn’t think possible. Since implementing GoGoGuest, we’ve built a robust email subscriber network, increased campaign conversion rates by nearly 30%, and generated more revenue across all of our locations.Business is booming for us and we have GoGoGuest to thank for helping us get the word out.”

GoGoGuest’s Engagement & Intelligence Platform Increase Revenue and Customer
Powerful customer intelligence and insights to help restaurants understand who their customers are, how they interact with their locations, and how to engage them via dynamic text, email, and WiFi marketing campaigns. Captures customer purchase patterns from all sources on a single platform, allowing cross-functional collaboration without the need for additional analysts or data teams.

How GoGoGuest Transformed Edley’s Bar-B-Que Into A Marketing Master
When brands have access to the right data, it can have a huge impact on their bottom line. For Edley’s Bar-B-Que, their data helped them create personalized email campaigns, resulting in more than 1.2 million emails sent and a 28% conversion rate. Using several GoGoGuest solutions, including restaurant customer data, analytics, and insights, the fast-growing Nashville-based concept has quickly engaged and grown its audience. Since implementing GoGoGuest, Edley’s has built a robust email subscriber network, increased campaign conversion rates by nearly 30%, and generated more revenue across its locations.

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