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Glympse Offers Free Location Sharing to Support Restaurants Offering Contactless Delivery and Pickup

The Glympse Consumer App is a fast, free and simple way to share real-time location and ETA for restaurant deliveries and more.

Glympse , a provider of real-time location sharing, is supporting restaurants and other businesses of all sizes as they grapple with the increased demand for contactless delivery and pickup. Glympse is providing free location sharing tools they can use starting today. 

“Sharing location, and the transparency it provides to the customer, has never been more important. It is critical to reduce social interaction and promote safety for businesses, their staff and valued customers,” said Chris Ruff, CEO and President of Glympse. “We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to leverage the power of location to stay safe – and stay in business - during this critical time.”

Share Your Where

The Glympse Consumer App is a fast, free and simple way to share real-time location and ETA. Just send a Glympse to let customers know you are on your way. Request a Glympse from a customer coming to pick food/products up. It is safe, temporary and secure. Recipients do not need to download the app to see what you share. "Share Your Where" today:

Getting started is easy. Businesses can visit to access quick start guides, marketing materials, and more.

Glympse is helping organizations overcome the challenges inherent in the last mile. Each year, Glympse dedicates time and effort to helping organizations and associations throughout the world leverage the power of location – the power of Glympse – to make the world a better place.

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