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GLIMPSE Launches Bar and Restaurant Software for Operational Tracking

GLIMPSE, a company that offers video imaging and audit technology that delivers detailed analysis and reporting for what is digitally captured, is now "Keeping Score" for its clients. The company, comprised of industry luminaries with vast backgrounds in restaurant consulting and software development, launched tracking software that provides insights in daily restaurant and bar operations and identifies areas of non-compliance.
Keeping Score is about how data is aggregated, analyzed and then turned into meaningful information for hospitality industry clients. As part of this new software, GLIMPSE has developed and deployed a proprietary video filtering and image analysis platform that provides details of audits.
Most companies are producing content as part of their day-to-day operations. Seldom do they attempt to measure its value or impact in a quantifiable fashion like contributions to the bottom line or customer numbers. Experts at GLIMPSE have come up with a scorecard that aims to make that possible and easier. GLIMPSE captures, stores and analyzes this data; our goal is to improve work process efficiency, standardize operational procedures, and reduce waste and loss while enhancing compliance.
The scorecard assigns data "points" based on how prominently it features the company and the importance of the image in business operations life cycle.
Thanks to the new restaurant and bar software, GLIMPSE will be able to provide business owners with one-of-a-kind insights, to help implement a culture of total quality management, financial accountability, bottom-line cost reduction and top line revenue improvement.
Bora Stankovic, General Manager of American Social Bar and Restaurant in Florida, shared that the on-boarding phase of the Glimpse software solution took place very efficiently and with very little effort required from his side.
"We started receiving reports within days. By carefully analyzing the GLIMPSE reports and audited images our team realized the data from the cameras can be used to help manage the business better," Stankovic said. "Reduction in cost of goods sold and the associated increase in net profit happened the very next cycle. American Social Bar and Restaurant's weekly progression review with the GLIMPSE's support team has kept our At Risk tracking 70 percent lower than when we started."
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