Genetec's Security Center Merges IP Video Surveillance & System Controls for Advanced Mulit-Unit Monitoring

Genetec, a leader in innovative IP security solutions, announces the release of the Genetec Security Center. The Security Center seamlessly merges GenetecÃ.‚¬™s Omnicast IP video surveillance system and Synergis IP access control systems into a single innovative platform.

Some features of the Security Center include Microsoft Active Directory integration for synchronizing users and cardholders, system partitioning for multi-tenant applications, and Federation for designing virtual systems consisting of hundreds of remote video and access control systems. Moreover, the Security Center's revolutionary IP-based architecture provides Genetec's customers with never before seen flexibility, including the ability to install the Security Center as a standalone video or access control system, or as a unified solution.

The Security Desk user interface (UI) is the center piece of the Security Center, giving rise to one of the industry's most advanced and intuitive interfaces for simultaneously monitoring of multiple security systems. Common operator workflows such as alarm management and report generation available through the new Security Desk have been standardized for access and video, ensuring a new level of operator efficiency that naturally emerges from a consolidated user interface.

Security Desk users also have access to Omnicast's Video Live Viewer and Video Archive Player functionality within a single user interface. Built with the latest UI design tools and employing innovative concepts such as a dynamically adaptive UI, user-defined tasks, and function-specific widgets, the Security Desk simplifies the operator's daily activities and reduces the number of concepts an operator has to master.

With the Security Center's Federation feature, multiple independent Synergis access control and Omnicast video systems can be unified under a single virtual system to facilitate global monitoring, alarm management, and reporting. An ideal fit for multi-facility monitoring, city-wide surveillance and managed central monitoring services, Federation leads to immediate costs savings as security departments now have the power to share security infrastructure and to optimize their resources during peak and off-peak hours.

The Security Center's Microsoft Active Directory (AD) feature further facilitates the convergence between logical (IT) and physical security. When enabled, the Active Directory server becomes the centralized means of synchronizing Windows user accounts with the Security Center's user and cardholder population. This ensures that the physical security system is updated in real time and in an automated manner, ensuring consistency between logical (IT) and security business systems and an overall higher level of security.
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