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Generative AI Takes Center Stage at MURTEC Executive Summit (October 2-4)

Learn real-life Gen AI use cases for restaurants with Bradley Metrock, CEO at Project Voice, as MURTEC Executive Summit explores the technology's ability to super-charge menus, ordering, customer experience, inventory, staffing, and more.

You have questions about generative AI? Of course you do. 

HT and the Restaurant Technology Network have answers.

In HT’s freshest data, the 2023 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Rewriting the Rules, of which I’m a co-author, we note that guests show significant levels of interest in the kinds of restaurant tech — including self-service, voice ordering, chatbots, drive-thru streamlining, and order tracking — that generative AI is super-charging. And in RTN’s AI Share Group, industry leaders illuminate cutting-edge applications that are available right now.

Whether you’re an industry innovator or more of a  wait-and-see type, we firmly believe that now is the time to learn as much as you can about potential generative AI use cases that touch on voice, menu optimization, chatbots, customer feedback, inventory management, staff scheduling, and so much more.

Bradley Metrock, CEO, Project Voice

Real-World Gen AI Use Cases for Restaurants

Generative AI will take center stage at MURTEC Executive Summit (October 2-4, in Charleston, SC), including a keynote and Q&A with Bradley Metrock, CEO at Project Voice. Metrock will demonstrate how, when implemented thoughtfully and meaningfully throughout the restaurant enterprise, AI can help restaurants win at every turn. 

Join us at MURTEC Executive Summit as we explore real-world use cases and separate hype from reality. We'll share what's happening today and imagine what's possible tomorrow. 

We encourage you to bring your burning questions, personal experiences, and insights. Can’t wait to see you in Charleston!

About MURTEC Executive Summit

MURTEC Executive Summit, held October 2-4, at the Charleston Place  in Charleston, S.C., is produced by Hospitality Technology and is a sister event to MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference). MURTEC Executive Summit is where restaurant leaders from across the organization -- in both technical and non-technical roles -- unite to see their future through the lens of strategic technology. With a program that prioritizes interaction through collaborative sessions, leadership discussions and social events, attendees will gain insights and forge meaningful connections that will shape the future of their business.  Restaurant executives, register now to reserve your spot at the conference. 

  • MURTEC Executive Summit 2023 registration is open to qualified restaurant operators and/or hospitality operators (full-service, QSR, or fast-casual restaurants; foodservice operators & management companies; virtual restaurant brands; casinos, cruise lines, event venues, hotels, timeshares, theme parks and vacation rentals) ONLY.
  • Technology Solution / Service Providers are eligible to attend MURTEC Executive Summit 2023 through sponsorship ONLY.
  • Registrations will be reviewed and are subject to approval.


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