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Full-Service Restaurant Integrates POS with Back-Office across Locations

Blue Lemon recently signed a master service agreement (MSA) with WAND Corporation to help replicate and promote the brand's success at future restaurants. Wanting a single data hub for their restaurants, Blue Lemon's MSA requires all future operators to use a WAND system that integrates Point of Sale with Back Office.
While Blue Lemon was searching for a system to unite future restaurants, WAND's long history with new and growing brands established them as a leading provider of restaurant software.  WAND can help brands collect and process data used to set long term benchmarks.
For growing brands, setting long term benchmarks helps show proof of concept, which is the first step in establishing expectations for future operators. With five restaurants to date, Blue Lemon has planned for aggressive growth over the next few years. The WAND MSA will help them meet their target.
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