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Frictionless Guest App Empowers Innkeepers to Recommend Best Local Experiences

Now officially launched, The Frictionless Guest App allows innkeepers, bed and breakfast owners, and hoteliers of all types to provide their guests with recommendations for the best local experiences. How so? Guests are given access to an easy-to-use app that is available 24/7 through their mobile phone, tablet, and PC, giving them an important tool for planning and enjoying current and future stays.

Guests put a great amount of trust in innkeepers to recommend the best local places to eat, play, shop, creating a significant opportunity to make their stay memorable. The Frictionless Guest App allows innkeepers to easily choose their recommendations and only shows guests these offerings, along with other exclusive content. This gives innkeepers total control to provide a single source for their guests to find trusted local experiences.

The Frictionless Guest App helps guests to find recommended places that appeal to their interests, use maps to show locations and navigate to them, and call if they need assistance from their innkeeper or to make reservations. The reliance on printed materials, such as brochures, maps, and in-room reference guides, can be replaced with information that is up-to-date and accessible 24/7, regardless of guest location.

The Frictionless Guest App was conceived and created by Frictionless LLC to empower innkeepers with an easy way to recommend the best local offerings to their guests, building trust and loyalty, so that guests have great experiences and community places thrive.

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