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Forestdale Hotels Chases Rate Parity, Reservations Stability on Expedia

Forestdale Hotels has installed RateTiger's online channel management products across 13 of its 18 properties as part of its revenue strategy to maintain rate parity across the Internet.
The British hotel chain, whose properties are principally located in England, chose to install RTSuite to maximise and streamline online sales. Forestdale Hotels wanted to maximize occupancy and rates by introducing rate parity across all booking channels whilst reducing the impact it had on employee's time.
"We needed to ensure rate parity across all our distribution channels and it needed to be accurate," says Annie Jones, sales director. "Our hotels had been limited to selling across a small number of channels but by installing RTSuite, we have been able to substantially increase our exposure to more channels .The best way of doing this is through a channel management solution that ensures all rates and inventory allocations are accurate and updated in real-time. This provides consistency."
"Besides being able to manage more sites, RTSuite has provided an immediate return on investment through an increase in RevPAR. Right now, investing in a channel management tool means we have been able to maintain revenue management at hotel level rather than needing to recruit a full-time central ecommerce manager."
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