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Fontainebleau Las Vegas Debuts Tiered, Cross-Resort Loyalty Program

Fontainebleau Rewards invites members into the inner circle of the Fontainebleau experience where they can earn exclusive benefits.
Fontainebleau Las Vegas Exterior
Photo Credit: Fontainebleau Las Vegas
Fontainebleau Las Vegas Exterior
Photo Credit: Fontainebleau Las Vegas
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The Fontainebleau Las Vegas is a 67-story, vertically integrated luxury resort that opened on December 13, 2023. Rooted in the 70-year history of the iconic Fontainebleau brand, the resort’s thoughtful design allows guests to move effortlessly among 3,644 luxury hotel rooms and suites, 550,000 square feet of customizable meeting and convention space, 150,000 square feet of gaming space, a collection of world-class restaurants and shops, exquisite pools, vibrant nightlife, and vitality-enhancing spa and wellness offerings. 

The resort recently announced its creation of Fontainebleau Rewards. This tiered, inclusive loyalty program invites members into the inner circle of the Fontainebleau experience, where they can earn exclusive benefits and a passport to “limitless luxury” during every visit. Beyond casino gameplay, Fontainebleau Rewards allows members to earn tier status and points in the hotel, restaurants, bars, lounges, day and nightlife venues, Lapis Spa & Wellness, fitness center, and Fontainebleau-owned retail shops. 

By joining Fontainebleau Rewards, members will have access to best-available room rates, member-exclusive offers and invitations, complimentary rooms, dining, slot play credit, and more. “Bleau Points” are earned playing slots or through cash purchases in most areas of the resort, and can be seamlessly redeemed at the hotel, restaurants, day and nightlife venues, Lapis Spa & Wellness and select retail stores. Members will also earn “Play Points” via slots in the Fontainebleau Las Vegas casino and can redeem those points as slot play credit at eligible machines. As members earn points, they will also increase their Tier Status, unlocking a richer set of Fontainebleau Rewards benefits. 

To learn more about this new loyalty program and how technology will enable a superior guest experience, HT interviewed Lori Kobashigawa, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

Did you partner with a third party or did you build in-house the technology powering your loyalty solution?

Kobashigawa: The vision of the loyalty program originated with Fontainebleau Las Vegas and we chose partners that were most qualified to bring our vision to fruition. We wanted to bring both convenience and benefits that have not been easily found with other programs, so the meticulous work to create such a program required a best-in-class partner. 

Will the loyalty program use some form of AI to help with data collection, marketing and sales? 

Kobashigawa: Yes, the technical stack used to power the personalization and omnichannel approach will fuel the program. 

What kind of data points is the Las Vegas property most interested in gathering from new members and why? 

Kobashigawa: We want to understand the guest’s gaming and non-gaming behavior in order to provide a complete view of each guest. Knowing their needs, desires, what they love – all of it helps us curate a better, more personalized experience for their next visit.  

Will the program remember important pieces of information such as which on-property restaurant the guest eats at, how much they spend on room service, if they use the spa, etc.? 

Kobashigawa: Yes, our goal is to learn as much about our guests as possible in order to curate a new experience every time they visit Fontainebleau Las Vegas. The program is built around simplicity, transparency, and prioritizing convenience during the redemption process. 

Was it difficult to integrate the loyalty program with the hotel's PMS, CRM, CRS, etc.?

Kobashigawa: It is a complex task; however, Fontainebleau Las Vegas has the advantage of both industry experience and a greenfield state to implement each best-of-breed system. 

Any other comments? 

Kobashigawa: Fontainebleau Rewards members can unlock benefits throughout the resort, and many of those benefits are high priority for our members. That includes everything from the best-available room rates and complimentary rooms to slot play credit, dining credit, and member-exclusive offers and invitations. As members increase their Tier Status, they will find an even richer set of benefits. For example, the first elevated tier will grant members complimentary self-parking and complimentary valet Sundays through Thursdays, which is a coveted benefit, especially for local guests. Members can also enjoy escalated Play Point bonuses and tier achievement dining credits at every elevated tier, as well as complimentary resort fee for the top tiers. 


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