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Fishbowl, Olo Partner to Deliver Optimized Customer Engagement for Restaurants

Fishbowl, a customer engagement platform provider for the restaurant industry, and Olo, a digital ordering provider for more than 160 restaurant brands across the United States, announced a partnership and platform integration, enabling restaurant operators to leverage online ordering data as a source for identifying customers and transactions, facilitating more effective engagement, repeat visits and increased sales.
The collaboration between Fishbowl’s customer engagement platform and Olo’s online ordering platform enables restaurant brands to offer a consistent guest experience across all engagement channels, while delivering valuable guest spending and ordering behavior data that can be leveraged to target offers, customize messaging and predict future behavior. Through the integration of eClub, loyalty, promotion, mobile apps, push notification, and ordering platforms, guests can seamlessly manage order ahead, offer wallet, coupon redemption and valuable member points.
“The collaboration between Fishbowl and Olo has been exceptionally helpful in expediting our go-to-market, on-demand strategy,” said Bora Dincer, vice president of technology, Jamba Juice. “They worked together to ease the burden on us and deliver on expectations. This resulted in a seamless consumer experience with our mobile app, ensuring key metrics were captured to be leveraged for future decision making.”
Being able to deliver relevant, contextual messaging regardless of how a customer interacts with the brand — in restaurant or remote — is becoming even more mission critical. By uncovering and leveraging insights from guest data, restaurants can more effectively engage guests and create a competitive advantage in an environment where brands are battling for share of wallet and share of stomach. And with the majority of restaurant consumption happening off premise, it’s crucial to offer an integrated guest experience through online ordering and delivery services.
Fishbowl ingests and analyzes ever increasing volumes of structured and unstructured guest data from a myriad of sources, including POS, eClub, social, online ordering, reservations, loyalty, etc. to uncover critical insights, including guest personas and behaviors. Restaurants brands leverage these insights to execute data-driven decisions and personalized marketing, optimizing engagement across all channels.
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