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FCS Computer Systems Awarded Secured Software Assurance Certificate in Malaysia

FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, said it has become the first company with operations in Malaysia to be awarded the Secured Software Assurance Certificate by TÜV Nord and LE Global Services (LGMS). The certification recognizes FCS' successful efforts in securing its solutions to protect against data vulnerabilities and circumvent the ongoing threat of online security attacks.
Taking place during a ceremony at the FCS office in Kuala Lumpur, the certificate was presented to Director of Group Software Production, Mr. Moo Chii Der and Mr. Tan Ming Aik, associate director of development. The ceremony was also attended by Ms. Eva Soo, manager of certification, and Mr. Fong Choong Fook, director of LGMS, who also served as chairperson for the event.
TÜV NORD GROUP is one of the world's largest inspection, certification and testing organizations, providing a broad range of advisory, service, and testing services for a variety of industries. Established in 2005, LGMS has earned a reputation for integrity, value and best practices by providing world class professional services to clients in multiple sectors, locally, regionally and internationally.  The two organizations established an official affiliation in August 2016 and introduced the 'Secured Software Assurance Certificate' program.
Conducted by LGMS security assessors, the certification process involves reviewing a platform's source code and providing a collection of written computer instructions in human readable text, which is then assembled into an executable computer program. The program then functions to introduce and discover weaknesses or flaws in a solution's programming that can be exploited by hackers. By ensuring that any security vulnerabilities are discovered and rectified before a solution's production deployment begins, FCS maximizes security and peace of mind for its hotel clients using the company's solutions. This is bolstered by the Secured Software Assurance Certificate, which serves as further proof that the solutions undergo rigorous testing.
Once a Secured Software Assurance Certificate is awarded to a company's solution(s), such recognition is valid for 6 months after issuance or until there is a change in software code, whichever occurs first. FCS will continue to work with the certification program, in order to guarantee that all of its solutions remain free of any potential security concerns. 
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