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Famous Dave's Replaces Pagers to Enhance Guest Experience

Famous Dave’s has announced that they have selected BuzzTable as their mobile wait list and guest management partner. BuzzTable helps restaurants identify, engage, and retain guests, while simultaneously replacing restaurant pagers. Their platform is an easy-to-use, guest engagement and messaging system with three parts that work together as one seamless platform: WaitList+ for Hosts, BuzzTable App for Guests (iPhone & Android), and ControlCenter for Operators.
Earlier this year, Famous Dave's CEO John Gilbert announced the creation of its Digital Services Group, which has been tasked with generating sales growth and improving engagement with Famous Dave's customers through the use of technology.
BuzzTable supports this initiative which will provide Famous Dave’s with an interactive tool to help improve the guest experience and additionally will provide key data and insights for restaurants that wasn't available, or easily accessible, before.
BuzzTable’s key differentiator is a process that replaces the need for restaurant pagers, collects customer data, and improves the overall guest experience. WaitList+ automatically creates guest profiles for each customer and converts up to 30% of waiting guests into the restaurant’s loyalty program. Restaurants are selecting BuzzTable due to its cloud-based solution, which allows multi-unit operators to view and share guest profiles across multiple restaurants. Guest profiles include customer preferences, VIP status, and pertinent guest information, like birthdays and anniversaries. BuzzTable’s platform has been developed to work for the single-unit, multi-unit, and regional or national chain operator, acting as a stand-alone CRM solution or extension to existing CRM initiatives.
BuzzTable can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store, restaurants can create their own account, complete training in-app, and start using the system for free in under 10 minutes.
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