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Epson Announces New TM-L90 Plus-i LFC KDS Controllers to Address Changing Hospitality Needs

Epson America, Inc., a supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, announced the TM-L90 Plus-i LFC KDS Direct Connect and TM-L90 Plus-i LFC KDS Multi-Station KDS controllers. Epson’s expanded KDS solutions address the changing hospitality needs of QSRs who are looking for ways to better manage food order preparation, packaging and delivery accuracy. Available from Epson’s channel partners today, the solutions come with a built-in liner-free compatible label printer that supports kitchen workflow accuracy.

According to Hospitality Technology, the market is changing and digital restaurant ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic. The NPD Group, a leading global information company, believes convenience is a key reason why consumers use restaurants and other foodservice outlets and there is nothing more convenient than ordering a meal or snack for seamless delivery and pick-up. They state that the use of mobile apps, text messages, and the Internet to order food grew by 18 percent last year and now accounts for 1.9 billion foodservice visits.

QSRs are being forced to adapt and respond to increased demand through traditional and new online channels. Epson’s new KDS controllers help QSRs who:

  • Need efficient labeling in their food ordering prep, packaging, and delivery workflows
  • Want to implement KDS without modifying their POS system
  • Have kitchen or label printers but also need a KDS solution
  • Want to implement tablet POS with KDS
  • Need to support online/to go ordering


Epson’s new KDS controllers also benefit small C-Stores who need dedicated prep stations and restaurant groups that are managing small footprint chains that need to drive a dedicated KDS station (Direct-Connect) as well as efficient label printing in their workflow.

Key Features

  • KDS controller: drives QSR KDS stations for accurate food order preparation
  • Liner-free label printer: built-in labeling accuracy in QSR food order prep, packaging and delivery workflows and lower infrastructure investment
  • KDS station printing: can serve as a dedicated KDS station label printer (to go/online orders)
  • Scalable KDS: easily add up 9 stations via KDS expansion modules with no recurring software licensing fees
  • POS agnostic: no software modifications are needed for QSRs’ existing POS systems - easy to integrate with traditional and tablet POS
  • Configuration utility: intuitive configuration with simple graphical user interface – easy for VARs to install and configure
  • Back-up printing: liner-free label printing of kitchen chits in the event of a display failure
  • Epson tested liner-free media: reduces concerns about quality and compatibility


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