Enseo Earns 10+ Patents in 2020

Enseo®, a technology service provider in the U.S., celebrates big wins during the COVID Crisis. Enseo has earned more than 10 new patents in 2020, including multiple patents related to touchless technology and remote control. This year, Enseo has 78 total patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Enseo’s extensive and ever-growing patent portfolio demonstrates its technology leadership and commitment to innovation.  

The most recent patents enable Enseo’s effortless remote support of its 250,000 installations around the world and the new solutions of Touchless Technology for a touchless guest experience. Enseo and sister company, Catapult Technologies®, have been innovating and operating for 20 years. Enseo and Catapult Tech have created a comprehensive suite of solutions that are continuously evolving, including the SITE® property management tool, room control technology, IoT, and enseoCONNECT™.

EnseoCONNECT transforms guests’ mobile phones into a controller for their hotel room. This allows guests to control the TV, lights, thermostat and even get status updates on the sanitization time and procedures that were used in a particular hotel room or, if installed in a school, a classroom.    

“I have been advised that investing heavily in technology lowers our profitability as a business.  In this downturn, we applied all our engineering and technology base to develop a successful suite of products that enable us to help lead the way out of these difficult times. EnseoCONNECT is a perfect example of why technology investment is always worth it. Enseo invested our resources and had a product ready when the need arose. We are part of the solution to bring travel and back to school back to normal,” said Vanessa Ogle, CEO and Founder of Enseo.

Enseo won Hospitality Technology Next Generation’s 2020 TechOvation Award for enseoCONNECT, and the product has skyrocketed in adoption by hotels in North America. In a matter of weeks enseoCONNECT has become one of Enseo’s fastest launching products in company history, with early numbers well over 20,000 rooms. Originally created and patents filed in 2015, enseoCONNECT has been at the forefront of Enseo’s contactless suite of products, alongside VERA™ (Video Enabled Remote Agent) and Made Safe® Checkpoint™, a touchless interface that identifies associates with elevated temperatures before shifts.

During these unprecedented times, Enseo continues to innovate and create patented technologies that instill trust and confidence to all. Enseo’s new suite of patented contactless technology products help hotels and workplaces adapt to the new normal by putting the health and safety of their people first, improving customer confidence, and promoting streamlined business operations. To learn more about Enseo’s full suite of contactless solutions, visit https://enseo.com/touchless/ today!

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