eMobilePOS and Handpoint Team to Provide EMV Compliant Hospitality POS Solutions

e-Nabler Corp., developer of the mobile POS software eMobilePOS has announced a partnership with Handpoint Inc. Through the partnership, merchants get access to a turnkey tablet and handheld-based POS solution that complies with the quickly approaching Oct.15, 2015, EMV deadline. The new EMV standard mandates that U.S. merchants replace magnetic strip readers with chip and PIN readers or the merchant will assume liability for fraudulent purchases.
eMobilePOS has integrated and certified three Handpoint chip and PIN payment devices, including the Handpoint HiLite, HiBrid, and HiPro, enabling eMobilePOS to offer fully integrated EMV-certified payment processing. Card data is protected by point-to-point encryption between the PIN pad device and the payment gateway, significantly reducing the risk for the merchant. In addition to chip and PIN, Handpoint readers also have NFC and MSR capabilities.
Existing eMobilePOS users can upgrade their current POS solutions to EMV status by simply adding a low-cost Handpoint chip and PIN reader that is paired with a handheld or tablet POS device.  
The joint solution will be demonstrated in booth # 211 at the ETA Transact 15, March 31 to April 2 in San Francisco.
The eMobilePOS and Handpoint solution is available through main distribution channels. Please contact eMobilePOS or Handpoint for more details.
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