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Ellickson International Enters North American Market with Tableside Beer Dispensing System

Ellickson International has launched its Draft Master beer dispensing system in the United States and has signaled its intent to launch four additional products in the immediate near-term.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Dominic Ellickson and Darryl Kavanagh in 2002, Ellickson International has transformed the Irish hospitality trade with a range of technologies that increase traffic, reduce waste, improve beverage quality and streamline workflow management. From cloakroom, line and traffic management systems to cellar monitoring systems, beer dispensing technologies and bottle sterilizing systems, there are few areas of hospitality management that Ellickson International has not explored and sought to improve.

Ellickson International's flagship product is the Draft Master beer dispensing system that allows customers to pour their own beer at their table. Sharing the same genesis as the pitcher Draft Master is a quantum leap forward, providing more fun and better, colder beer for the patron; and greater control and lower waste for the premises manager and unique, proven marketing for the brewer or distributor.

Additional products
Ellickson's I-Hospitality is a complete software suite to manage lines, cloakrooms and tickets for restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Comprising i-Cloak, i-Entry and i-Member, i-Hospitality is a must-have for busy venues: i-cloak delivers considerable savings on ticket rolls, and focuses on incident management, with automatic SMS reports. i-Entry means venues can manage their own event ticket sales online, with huge savings on tickets, automatic SMS reports and one-touch transactions. i-Member manages business contact members, offers built-in email SMS advertising and allows members to sign-off online. Notably, I-Hospitality has Facebook and other social networks integration.

Originally introduced to the U.S. by Josh Goodman, director of operations, USA, Cellar Monitor is a beer monitoring and diagnostics system comprising a complete environment monitoring solution for the bar and hospitality industry. Cellar Monitor enables premises managers to remotely view the current status of their beer dispense system, including features such as dispense temperatures, dispensed volumes, gas levels and pressures, and carbon dioxide levels in the air. Cellar Monitor allows technical engineers access the system once they have received an emergency call-out. Technicians can remotely diagnose and test the system and in some cases resolve minor operational problems on-line or over the phone. Õ
For an easy-to-use, tasteless cleaning solution designed to sterilize all soda dispensers on contact, Ellickson offers the Steri-Soda; a receptacle which receives the head of a dispenser gun and cleans it on a regular basis. The Steri-Soda ensures that customers are safe from the germs and disease that often accumulate on soda gun, which, according to a recent study of 90 soda fountain dispensers, can include bacteria and E. Coli.
Still in product finalization, Steri-Bev was conceived from many years experience in the beer trade. There is an acknowledged health concern over bacteria building up on bottled beers particularly from warehouses, trucks and then cellars. Steri-Bev sterilizes the neck and top of the bottle just before opening the bottle. Easy to use and quick to use, Steri-Bev is universal and sterilizes any bottle top in seconds. The Steri Bev organic formula is 100% more effective than standard sanitizers, while at the same time being totally tasteless, colorless and odorless. Ellickson International is collaborating with the Microbiology Department of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland on the sterilization processes.

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