El Palace Barcelona Books in For Customer Service Excellence with Infor

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Infor announced that the five-star hotel El Palace Barcelona has chosen Infor Hospitality Management System (HMS) and Infor Sales and Catering (SCS) to help provide a premium customer experience.  Implemented by Infor in collaboration with Infor partner Sulcus, the software will help create an integrated, standardized platform for this landmark property.

Part of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World group, the 120 room El Palace Barcelona will use the Infor software to deliver a superior guest experience and meet the challenges of a constantly evolving hospitality industry in Spain.

Following a thorough review of the market, Infor HMS and Infor SCS were chosen based on keen, industry-specific functionality, ease of use and integration, references from other leading luxury hotel brands and a commercial flexibility that beat competing pitches.

“We recognise that even though we are steeped in tradition, the future of customer service excellence is digital,” said Friedrich von Schönburg,  hotel manager of the El Palace Barcelona.  “This demands better guest and operational data, seamless integration and an intuitive interface for staff and customers alike.  This is what we have found with Infor HMS and Infor SCS.”

“We continue to increase our presence within the Spanish luxury hotel market,” said Wolfgang Emperger, Infor Hospitality.  “El Palace Barcelona is the latest in a series of five-star properties that recognise the value of integrated, seamless technology to ensure a premium customer experience based on deep insights and swift, precise responsiveness.”

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