Einstein Noah Restaurant Group to Deploy Managed Video Service to 425 Sites by End of Q1 of 2010

The Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc., a quick casual restaurant with more than 675 system-wide locations in 36 states, has selected Envysion as the exclusive video services provider for its company-owned restaurants. Envysion will deploy its Envysion Insight MVaaS offering to approximately 425 of Einstein Noah Restaurant Group's locations by the end of Q1 of 2010.
"After reviewing other advanced video alternatives, we found Envysion not only demonstrated an excellent return on investment but also provided unparalleled scalability and ease of use," says Mike Froelich, senior director of audit services of Einstein Noah Restaurant Group. "With Envysion, we have rapidly expanded the use of video in our business, migrating from a handful of video users to equipping our company owned stores with a powerful business tool for improving operations, customer experience, and store level profitability."
With Envysion's managed video service, an operator can easily view live and recorded video through a simple web interface and provide an unfiltered view of actual operations and the customer experience. Envysion connects video to point of sale (POS) and creates actionable reports and alerting so a store manager can reduce exceptions, such as employee theft or sweethearting and quickly improve their bottom line. With minimal additional administrative overhead, a customer can add new services, new users, and share video through Envysion's service. Envysion makes it easy for customers by providing a turn-key solution that is simple to install, simple to manage, and won't strain the network.
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