eHungry Adds New Online Ordering Features for Restaurants and Resellers

eHungry, Inc. is now offering POS integration and orders-by-phone with its online restaurant ordering service, In addition, eHungry has launched a new reseller program that allows companies to resell online ordering to restaurants under their own brand.
In an effort to continue its mission of low-cost restaurant solutions, eHungry now integrates with FreePOS, a leader in affordable POS systems for restaurants in the United States and Canada. FreePOS is a 100% touch-screen system with easy-to-use features that's reliable and powerful. Restaurants can download and install FreePOS simply by visiting
In addition to POS integration, eHungry has added another new method for restaurants to receive orders: orders-by-phone. By selecting this new option, the eHungry system will place an automated telephone call to restaurants and read the order to the staff. Restaurant staff can rewind and fast-forward through the order and actively confirm that the order was received.
eHungry, Inc. has also announced a new reseller program for companies interested in offering online ordering to restaurants under their own brand. With only a minimal setup cost, any company can start selling online ordering services to restaurants without the large technical resources and infrastructure needs normally required to develop a reliable system.
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