Duetto Supercharges Hotel Upselling With Oaky

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Duetto and Oaky,  Revenue Strategy and Upselling platforms, have announced a strategic partnership that delivers analytically-powered, highly targeted upgrade offers to guests. The integrated solution connects Duetto Open Pricing, room type pricing, and brand strategies with Oaky’s highly personalized upselling platform to yield 45% higher guest spend per upgraded night. While also creating an overall better guest experience in the process.

In fast-moving markets with little time to react to unexpected demand changes, hotels must strive to maximize revenue from their direct channel. As traveler demand returns, the Oaky/Duetto partnership will enable hotels to drive even higher average daily rates (ADR) to optimize demand peaks by presenting personalized upgrade offers direct to guests via Oaky.

How it works

●      The guest receives an Oaky pre-arrival email which directs them to a landing page to see upgrade offers.

●      The landing page delivers tailored offers to the guest, populated with dynamic rates calculated by Duetto based on check-in / check-out dates.

●      Room upgrade supplements are calculated for all available room types based on the property’s proven Duetto rate strategy and data. 

Duetto/Oaky customer H-Hotels piloted dynamically priced room upgrades in two of its properties, the Hyperion Hamburg and the Hyperion Dresden, and saw room supplement increases of 45%. Both properties also benefited from a significant increase in upsell conversion rate and reduction in upgrade rejection rate. Click here to pre-register for an introductory webinar on May 17th to learn more.

“We have enjoyed long and prosperous relationships with Duetto and Oaky independently, but this new integration has taken our revenue optimization to a new level. The ability to present tailored upsell opportunities to the guest pre-arrival and have confidence in delivering on that offering at an inventory level has not only empowered our revenue and operations teams but has also enhanced guest satisfaction. The results speak for themselves,” said Deniel Frey, Vice President of Revenue Management at H-Hotels.

“Every hotelier that adopts a revenue management strategy understands the impact of dynamic pricing on room revenue,” said Erik Tengen, Co-Founder, Oaky. “Together with Duetto we can extend the dynamic pricing strategy to upselling and deliver an automated solution that drives more incremental revenue without any extra work.”

“Very few hoteliers have a personalized upselling strategy, and even fewer hoteliers are selling dynamically priced room upgrades and ancillary services,” said David Woolenberg, CEO, Duetto. “The combination of Duetto and Oaky working together gives hoteliers greater options for optimizing rooms revenue in an automated way that is fast, efficient, and seamless.”

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