Dubai World Trade Centre's Procurement Needs Fulfilled by Adaco

The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) complex includes the largest exhibition centre in the Region at more than one million square feet of covered event space, two office towers, two business hotels and onsite hotel apartments, as well as an exclusive business club that boasts 360 degree panoramic views of the city. The organization also operates 13 onsite restaurants and food outlets and a 24-hour ISO 22000-certified kitchen manned by an award-winning crew of 125 chefs from 17 countries around the world. DWTC sets the extraordinary standards required to host diplomatic and corporate events of the highest caliber.

Behind the DWTC's vast inventory and procurement control is Adaco.NET. Adaco is a global provider for optimizing procurement, inventory and recipe management.

"When we began using Adaco .NET enterprise-wide, we eliminated more than 300 paper-based daily inter-kitchen transfer requisitions," says Mohammed Asif Adam, senior manager of enterprise applications. "Beyond that, we have achieved our objective of strict validation on price and quantity and real-time tracking of on-hand inventory as well as deliveries en route. Once delivered, expiration dates and the commodity's temperature readings are captured for reference. While these kinds of details help the DWTC maintain consistently high quality, Adaco .NET is also facilitating improved fiscal responsibility through our contractual arrangements."

The DWTC's chef, Harald Oberender, director of kitchens, has been using Adaco .NET on a daily basis. "When you need it, it's live, and it communicates with all the individual DWTC outlets in a logical way," says Oberender. "The menu engineering feature is quite extensive, and we use the recipe and cost management features effectively, though chefs have also taken to attaching digital photos to recipes because presentation is important as well."

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