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Drive-Thru Management Solutions Propel Company Growth in QSR Market

HyperActive Technologies has announced an accelerated growth rate of more than 77 percent over the past 18 months. The company’s suite of technology products is covered by an extended, multi-year advanced exchange warranty. According to company sources, the industry-leading warranty program ensures clients always have replacement products within a few days of any identified issues instead of the traditional, multi-week time it takes other companies to repair products.
Additionally, all of HyperActive Technologies’ clients receive consistent and comprehensive product advancements as part of an annual support and maintenance program. Leasing and special financing options are also available for all of the company’s products.
QTimer is the company’s innovative real-time drive-thru management system that integrates with more than 30 point of sale (POS) systems and is the industry’s fastest growing drive-thru solution. QTimer’s integration with POS systems provides valuable insight to menu items, order size, out of stock items and speed issues that may be causing slowdowns in the drive-thru. Moreover, all of the data and operational intelligence is available on a virtual, real-time basis, not only in the store, but also for above-store reporting, which helps eliminate administrative work. All software updates and enhancements for the QTimer are also provided via remote download for additional operator convenience, as well as for operational consistency, including menu refreshments, configuration changes and upgrades across multiple locations.
HyperView order confirmation displays offer the lowest cost of operation and are supported by a NEMA 4 certification, which makes it impervious to weather. The warranty also provides a lifetime guarantee against moisture and dust. The glare-free HyperView is also simple to install and operate, and does not require the use of fans or heaters.  HyperActive Technologies has approved vendor status for its HyperView product with more than 40 brands, including Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-Box, Carl Jr.’s, Hardee’s, Subway, Wendy’s, and Arby’s, among others.
HyperActive Technologies’ commitment to helping QSRs deliver consistent quality resulted in the development of HyperActive Bob – a kitchen production technology. HyperActive Bob harnesses the power of predictive software by utilizing real-time, point-of-sale information, and traffic flow combined with historical data to inform the crew how much and what type of product to prepare.
HyperActive Bob helps reduce food cost, minimize waste, and supports multi-stage cooking. The software’s enterprise reporting capabilities also make it easier for operators to establish and maintain corporate quality standards.

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