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Domino's Pizza Tracker 'Sings, Sweet Talks' Status of Customer Orders

Domino's Pizza, Inc. has given its Pizza Tracker tool an auditory upgrade. Customers who order online from Domino's will not only see, but hear their order being made thanks to the introduction of this brand new feature.

The upgrade also allows users to customize their order tracking experience. After an order is placed, customers can choose from six themes, each one giving the Pizza Tracker interface a distinct look and voice.

Depending on the theme, Pizza Tracker might sing, cheer or even sweet talk the status of customers' orders from the moment it is prepared to the second it is out the door or ready for pickup.

"We're continuing to add to the convenience of Domino's online ordering and Pizza Tracker, now allowing customers to leave their computers and still follow the ordering process -- as long as their speakers are turned up, of course," says Chris Brandon, Domino's Pizza spokesperson. "Adding this element is our way of making sure we are creating the most convenient and innovative ordering experience possible."

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