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Domain Hotels Group Launches Social Media Platform

The Domain Hotels, part of the Almatrook Group announced that it is to launch The Conversation; the first proprietary social media platform developed for a hospitality product. The groundbreaking concept is the first of its kind in the region and aims to be a hub of information and activities, combining social media with The Domain guest and member’s experience.
The Domain Bahrain is a social members club and luxury boutique hotel, and the inaugural property for the new hospitality group that is already pushing the boundaries in terms of concept and technology. Set to launch in Spring 2013, The Conversation is the brainchild of a group of seasoned international hoteliers, financed by Bahraini investment and developed by Bahraini company, Random Solutions. It is the most socially advanced application to be developed for any hospitality product worldwide.
The Conversation serves as a real-time sharing platform that connects both Domain members and guests allowing them to communicate online, in order to engage in person, thus meeting the goal of The Domain team to move social media to the next step. The dedicated social media platform’s features allows for users to share photos and information, provide peer-to-peer recommendations, and communicate with those with similar interests or reach out to those in the same industries.
The team at The Domain is backing up their commitment with the hiring of a full time Social Director. This is a management level team member whose job is to ensure that guests and members are socially engaged, networking, meeting and enjoying their time. The Social Director will create special interest groups and conversations for members to join, and also use The Conversation to understand the needs of The Domain guests and members in order to organize valuable group activities in the hotel including networking events, meetings, workshops, etc.
The Social Director will have an enormous amount of resources at her disposal, including the development of both fixed and spontaneous activities, interesting games, mind-benders, books, business information – things that delight, provide insider intelligence, stave off boredom, stress and create a good sense of community and fun.

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