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DKN Hotels Improves Bottom Line with T&A System

California-based hotel and hospitality management company, DKN Hotels, has selected the UniFocus Time and Attendance (T&A) system for its nine properties.
Employers, such as DKN Hotels, receive crucial actionable labor tracking information from UniFocus’ real-time, cloud-based Time and Attendance system. The user-friendly system is like having an extra supervisor in your operation, instantly identifying overtime situations and ensuring accurate management reports.
DKN Hotels is able to use the system to auto-generate schedules based on business demands so management can continue to deliver exceptional service while scheduling efficiently. With the T&A system managers have the ability to ensure team members are clocked in or out using the correct job code, providing accurate reporting.
Companies prevent penalties based on local, state, federal and union work rules and ensure more accurate accounting with real-time, web-based punch control. Using touch screen Smart Clocks, the system recognizes if an employee is punching in early or late and depending on previously established thresholds, challenges them to acknowledge they have permission to do so.
UniFocus’ Time and Attendance system simplifies the lives of both managers and employees, while still improving the bottom line.

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