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DigiMapps Debuts as All-In-One Digital Concierge, Trip Booking, Media and Marketing Platform

DigiMapps, creators of an all-in-one travel tech business platform that empowers hospitality entities and their guests, advertisers, local businesses and savvy travelers that demand a more affordable, superior way to book and explore, said it launched with a mission to turn the industry on its head. Created by luxury travel industry player Terry Fisher as his latest venture, DigitMapps was first created to meet the needs of hospitality/short-term lodging chains with a “digital concierge,” enriching their experiences with a guide to explore the surrounding area while saving costs for all.

DigiMapps continued to expand its services and now local businesses are able to optimally reach guests and other travelers through advertising on that concierge platform – while enjoying benefits like the all-new DigiMapps-powered Wi-Fi solution. Overall, the DigiMapps technology portfolio is expanding even further to not only benefit hospitality chains, guests and advertisers – but to ultimately lead the wave of the future in one-stop shop travel booking/destination guides online. DigiMapps offers users:

  • DigiMapps Online Concierge: Digital hotel/short-term lodging concierge service. In-house concierges at hotels are great, but the process is antiquated. Why not be able to allow every guest direct access to a hotel concierge at all times from the comfort of their own computer or smartphone? Hotel guests may now enjoy direct access and cost savings through deals on local eateries, entertainment venues and more. Add in more trusted, verified reviews of each local business through the ‘concierge’ – and travelers will be able to explore new areas confidently.  
  • DigiMapps Wi-Fi: DigiMapps likes to say it’s ‘stupid simple’ because it’s free and all you have to do is plug it in. It’s the internet connection point and marketing game changer for local businesses. The advanced technology doesn’t only provide free Wi-Fi for visitors, it also collects ultra-valuable marketing data that can be utilized to create automatic promotions, elevate engagement with customers, improve customer retention, boost sales and enhance re-marketing efforts.
  • Not only will the platform enable travelers of all varieties to plan and book multiple aspects of their trips in one place – consumers undoubtedly save money. From the adverting side, local, regional and/or national businesses will discover a platform that engages travelers in new, forward-thinking ways – ultimately driving new clientele into their doors. From Facebook messenger-driven destination guides with rich and fun content; user-generated insights; vibrant travel blogs; more interactive ways to engage traveler; to expanding global reach, traditional booking sites are set to be obsolete.
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