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Desmond Profits from Cancelled Flights

The 323-room Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, NY, is a high-volume property that serves state legislators and business people associated with New York’s capitol and nearby corporations. More than 72 percent of the Desmond’s guests are experienced travelers who fly in and out of the nearby Albany International Airport and use the hotel’s 24-hour shuttle service. Albany is known for its winter weather that often affects air travel, so the Desmond decided to add real-time airport flight information for Albany International Airport, displayed on a flat panel screen in the lobby and also via a dedicated guest room television, to its list of hotel amenities.
Reliable airline flight information is now a high-value amenity for the property’s guests. The Desmond worked with Flyte Systems to install a large, high-definition airport information monitor near its business center in March 2011. Flyte Systems’ parent firm provides the same familiar airline schedule displays at hundreds of airports, and Flyte Systems uses an Internet connection to bring airport-specific information to hotels and other travel related businesses. The company’s installation team quickly mounted the large digital lobby display, connected the Internet data feed, and configured the property’s in-house television network to show the airline schedules. The new flight schedule service enables guests to check flight times from their rooms or the lobby, and many guests also print their boarding passes at the terminal in the Desmond’s business center.  
A Win-Win
The Desmond realized a number of unexpected benefits from its access to accurate airport flight information. The property’s airline schedule board often highlights outbound flight cancellations that alert staff to opportunities to offer guests extended stays. Also, when staff sees that inbound flights are cancelled, they recognize the hotel could have more no-shows than usual. This kind of information goes to the bottom line because it helps staff maximize occupancy and manage more intelligently. Additionally, when front office managers see cancelled flights, they frequently call the affected airlines and offer rooms for distressed passengers.  
The result of providing flight information is a clear win-win. Guests value the convenience and feel more in command of their travel arrangements, and the property adds revenue when guests extend their stay if their flight is delayed or cancelled. FlyteBoard displays all the airlines that fly into Albany, some of them are not even listed on the airport’s displays. Professional travelers are beginning to expect hotels to provide real-time airport information displays; it is a valuable service for our guests.
Flight information also has a low cost. The Desmond purchased the high-resolution flat panel display for the lobby, and pays a monthly service charge for the airline information service. The property’s guests are mostly convention attendees and business people who are locked up in offices all day and when they get out of their meetings to head to the airport, the last thing they need is to waste precious time sitting in a crowded terminal waiting for a flight that is weather delayed.
John D'Adamo, general manager of The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, New York, is driven to provide excellence in the hospitality industry. With more than 25 years of experience, D'Adamo is an accomplished and knowledgeable hospitality resource with a strong food and beverage background. D'Adamo has been associated with seven AAA Four Diamond hotels, including the Hilton and Hyatt properties. 


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