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Delta Hotels Enhances Booking Experience, Web Visibility

Delta Hotels and Resorts, a hospitality company with 46 locations throughout Canada has recently expanded its growth through a partnered with Micros eCommerce Services|TIG Global, a subsidiary of Micros Systems.
Micros eCommerce Services|TIG Global is developing for Delta Hotels and Resorts a new web presence that is reflective of Delta’s assortment of Canadian properties, from mountain ski resorts to business-centric urban properties adjacent to the country’s major airport hubs. Micros eCommerce Services|TIG Global will combine the Micros Opera Reservation System and CRM proprietary booking technology with innovative web design and strategy, to deliver a seamless and rewarding user experience from top-to-bottom.
“The Micros eCommerce Services|TIG Global reputation precedes it as the premiere interactive marketers, unmatched at melding together highly innovative design, technology and strategy for its hospitality clientele online,” says Tim Aubrey, vice president technology and product innovation for Delta Hotels and Resorts. “We are greatly looking forward to bringing this trinity of services and products to life for the Delta brand and achieving the first-class product we are confident it will deliver.”

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