Delta Hotels and Resorts to Outsource Management of Central Systems to MICROS

Delta Hotels and Resorts selected the centrally-hosted MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution as its central systems solution and will become the premier enterprise deployment engaging MICROS to host the entire central systems suite, and provide maintenance, processing, and data storage services.

"The opportunity to select MICROS to centrally host and manage the entire central systems suite was compelling. Outsourcing to MICROS reduces our infrastructure costs and places the responsibility of application support and upgrades with the company that knows the system best, thereby allowing us to focus our technology resources on strategic initiatives which include a commitment to MICROS to collaborate on future development efforts for the next generation of OPERA central systems," says Tim Aubrey, vice president, Delta Hotels and Resorts.

The project, which will be completed in two phases, consists of first moving the Delta environment to the world-class MICROS Data Center located in McLean, Virginia, followed by the implementation of OPERA Business Intelligence and the OPERA Revenue Management System. These will be added to Delta's current OPERA Central Solution, which includes the OPERA Reservation System, OPERA Customer Information System, OPERA Web Suite, and OPERA Sales Force Automation.

OPERA Business Intelligence addresses Delta's needs by quickly compiling relevant data from all OPERA systems, including the Property Management System, to improve forecasting, customer intelligence, and yield decision-making. Delta will leverage the superior reporting capabilities of OPERA Business Intelligence to enable near real-time feedback to satisfy the most demanding and customized reporting requirements.

Delta also selected the OPERA Revenue Management System for its extensive capabilities, centralized orientation, ease of implementation, and complete integration with the OPERA Property Management System. Delta can leverage the data and necessary key components already in OPERA to significantly enhance its revenue management capabilities.

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