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Del Taco Taps EarthLink's New Turnkey Franchise Program

With 306 corporate and 241 franchise locations in 16 states, Del Taco selected EarthLink’s new Franchise Program to protect its brand and deliver a consistent customer experience across its entire franchisee footprint.
“We became an EarthLink customer in 2014 to tap into their hospitality expertise, future-proof our network architecture and add stable bandwidth for our new in-store e-hiring and e-learning platform,” said David Snyder, vice president of IT, Del Taco. “We then added EarthLink Secure WiFi, which enabled us to engage with customers via social media, connect them to our loyalty program and access valuable analytics. We stress security to our franchisees and have mandated full PCI compliance. The EarthLink Franchise Solution is the most efficient way for our franchisees to achieve compliance and to protect their businesses, their customers, and our brand.”
Created for franchisees with limited IT resources, the easy-to-implement, turnkey solution delivers stable network connectivity via IPsec VPN technology to power vital applications, Secure WiFi for customers at selected locations, PCI-compliant firewalls to protect data, financial breach protection, and online tools to help the franchisee attain PCI compliance.
Secure WiFi is a key program component, not only because customers increasingly demand the convenience, but for how it enhances business intelligence with valuable presence and usage data analytics and supports customer loyalty applications for a better onsite experience.
The Franchise Program offers a selection of a low-priced bundles that includes a PCI-compliant, high-bandwidth managed Wide Area Network (WAN) with managed router and firewall, PCI assessment tools and assistance, and $100,000 of financial breach protection per location. Secure WiFi can be added at select locations to not only provide guest access, but also connect them to rewards programs that generate more return visits.
Clients receive PCI reporting, analytics, mobile application management and the option for a custom splash page. Franchisees simply sign up via a customized website, alleviating the burden of managing implementation across multiple locations.
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