DeCurtis Corporation Introduces DeCurtis Shield

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

DeCurtis Corporation, a provider of proximity-based guest experience solutions and brand enhancement through transformational experience technology, is excited to announce a new suite in the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP) family: DeCurtis Shield. DeCurtis Shield is designed to be easily and quickly implemented as a standalone system to collect temperature at entry and exit points to help mitigate the spread of illness. Entry and exit monitoring are necessary but not sufficient; DeCurtis Shield can use that health metadata to track and report on the location of ‘at risk’ individuals and those they may have interacted with. This introduces the revolutionary ability to proactively monitor and protect the health of all souls onboard.

“We have been working tirelessly to assist industries impacted by COVID-19,” said Derek Fournier, President, DeCurtis Corporation. “The current health pandemic will impact how all industries deal with health and safety issues moving forward. Being able to extend the perimeter safely while also enabling tracking the location of those potentially ill will give medical teams new tools in the fight against shipboard outbreaks.”

DeCurtis Shield is part of a suite that effectively collects basic health information through facial recognition and thermal imaging to assess temperature via standalone kiosks. When integrated with the DXP, that health data can be layered on in a secure fashion to enable proactive measures in the event of potential illness. The most powerful implementation of the DeCurtis Shield Suite is when it is deployed in an environment enabled with the DXP Location Solution. Shield can then provide both real-time and historical indoor location timelines to address potential outbreaks, assess risks from known interactions and strategically plan for cleaning protocols.

“DeCurtis has extended the world’s most sophisticated indoor location solution and extended it to improve the health and safety of any complex indoor environment,” said David DeCurtis, CEO, DeCurtis Corporation. “We believe DeCurtis Shield can be of immediate assistance in a multi-faceted approach to mitigating the spread of illness, whether on a cruise ship or any other controlled indoor environment.”

DeCurtis Corporation is known for providing transformational experience technology and is a trusted partner for complex, scalable and reliable location solutions. DeCurtis Shield is part of the company’s response to the current pandemic and applies to many industries. To learn more about DeCurtis Shield, please visit their website

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