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Days Inn Dabbles In Mobile Marketing Campaign

With the recent economic downshift and chaotic markets, companies need to watch the way they spend their marketing budget. One industry that has been hit especially hard is the travel industry, hotels specifically. Due to this, hotel chains have had to think of innovative new marketing approaches to reach their target consumer. Recently, national hotel chain Days Inn invested in Ping Mobile's text message marketing strategy. Ping-Wizard's Web Portal allows the hotel to send text messages to specific guests offering daily specials, customizing the messages to the needs of each individual.

Ping Wizard's Web Portal was put into action at the Days Inn in Boston. The hotel offered a $3 off breakfast coupon to guest's who texted them with "BOSBACON." The coupon was sent directly to the respondent's phone. This eliminated the costliness of printing coupons and unnecessary distribution to guest who didn't want them.

Days Inn also used The Wizard Web Portal to promote their Hotel Mobile Club, as well as a Sweepstakes that they organized. Ping's Wizard Web Portal can be tailored to the needs of the operator. Businesses who decide to use the Ping Mobile marketing system can have their employee's trained on how to use the text messages effectively. 
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