Dave & Buster's Leverages Labor Mgmt Tool to Ensure Optimal Staffing Levels at 57 Restaurants

Dave & Buster's has completed a successful rollout of TimeManagement Corporation's TMx Enterprise 5 solution. Dave and Buster's, a TMx customer for over 15 years, is leveraging the latest TMx solution to quickly and accurately schedule labor based on sales forecasts.
"Part of keeping our customers happy is making sure we're adequately staffed," explains Richard West, general manager of the Dave & Buster's store in Maple Grove, Minnesota. "At the same time, as a business we can't afford to be over-staffed, so we're always striving for that balance. TMx allows us to use easily and accurately forecast future demand to ensure correct staffing, which in turn allows our managers to achieve the most efficient labor costs."
The new solution provides Dave and Buster's with a variety of upgrades, including an advanced personnel module that can embed specific HR workflows for employee onboarding; the ability for employees to view their schedules, swap shifts and manage requests remotely; and improved flexibility around managing and approving pay records.
In addition, the new solution provides IT benefits at the corporate level. Dave & Buster's now has the ability to self-host the TMx application with only two central servers, which provides a significant IT return on investment. This has been achieved by the revolutionary TMx Enterprise architecture, which provides the ability to access the TMx application via the web, load the local PC with the initial state of data and then allow the user to use the application without any performance limitations due to the speed or bandwidth of the connection back to the host application.
"The TMx Enterprise solution provides some truly powerful enhancements for our operators and our corporate staff," explains director of store systems Jeff Weiss. "The TMx solution interfaces directly with our data warehouse to provide up-to-the-minute data for our 20 different labor forecasting drivers, including department sales, plate count and party guest count, allowing our managers to generate extremely accurate forecasts to optimize staffing levels when scheduling. It also ensures all D & B systems are in sync and reporting the same totals. From an IT standpoint, we can easily add new locations, configure the TMx application for all/some operations, and assign application and detailed function access via role-based security, making system administration efficient and easy."
"TMx is able to accommodate our demanding needs and provide us with a real-world solution," adds West. "We simply generate a forecast and are provided with a suggested schedule for each department. It doesn't get much easier than that. We would be lost without them at this point."
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