Data & Analytics

  • A Managed Network

    Restaurant operators dish on the strengths and snags of outsourced networks
  • Easy Meetings

    Millennium Hotels streamlines event planning process
  • Managing The Enterprise

    Restaurants remotely monitor all locations and get real-time data on sales, labor, loss and more
  • Leading an Industry

    2007 Hotel Visionary Award
  • Dunkin' Donuts Rolls Out BI Solution

    Dunkin' Donuts announces a new customer deployment from data integration and business intelligence solutions provider Oco, Inc.
  • Now and Later of Restaurant POS

    These days, more and more restaurants are taking advantage of point-of-service (POS) technology, replacing cash registers with fully integrated, PC-based systems. In many cases, the technology is staying well ahead of customer demand, as most users report they are utilizing only a percentage of the available features, but talk excitedly about moving forward in the future with the introduction of several of the additional features being offered by providers.
  • Deep Dish POS

    Pizza chains use point-of-sale systems for more than just completing orders
  • Building Better Service

    In restaurant settings, POS systems typically handle food orders, operate as smart cash registers, and perform other mission-critical functions such as labor management, scheduling, food ordering/inventory and even accounting.
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