Custom eConcierge App Delivers 24x7 Hotel and Voice Services to Guest Smartphones

The Winery Hotel, an innovative hospitality project opened in January 2016, is first of its kind in Scandinavia, perfectly marrying industrial elegance with the traditional cuisine and an urban winery. “The hotel is rough looking, with concrete and brick walls, but also with earthly colors of the grapes, earth and olives that you can see in vineyards in Tuscany”, explains Caroline Ostman, General Manager of The Winery Hotel.
In order to offer an urban guest experience for today’s mobile and connected guests, the hotel adopted a fully mobile approach, with the custom-made mobile eConcierge application based on the Mobile Guest Softphone SDK from ALE and designed by TeleOffice. The mobile application provides guest access to all services and enterprise-grade voice services on their own smart devices. The hotel can be at their service 24x7: communicate offers and notifications on to the smart phone of any guest. The application also includes social media integration, for guests to share their experiences on social medias.
The application is available for download on app stores: Google Play and iTunes.
 “The Mobile Guest Softphone enables the guests to get information about the hotel facilities and make calls, wherever they are, which allows us to communicate with them at all times. The eConcierge integrated with the Mobile Guest Softphone offers all the information we have about the hotel on mobile guest devices. Guests can make their internal and external phone calls, dinner reservations, reservations for guided wine tours and wine tasting,” says Ostman.
The simple, intuitive design of the new solution allows for fast adoption from the guests from all age groups and requires minimal maintenance, with a reliable guest experience quality.
The mobile guest application eliminates the need for a physical phone in each guest room. The only physical phones in the hotel are 16 Alcatel-Lucent 8028 and 8038 Premium DeskPhones, which provide a advanced telephony features for business administration staff. This translated in important cost savings:
“We were able to save money with the Mobile Guest Softphone,” Ostman notes. “We don’t have to equip our 184 rooms with fixed phones, it’s also environmentally friendly, as we don’t have to have printed hotel directories in the rooms that we have to update regularly. With this application, the guests always have updated information on their own devices.”
The Winery Hotel intend to expand the use of their mobile application further, in cooperation with ALE and Partners: “In the future we are looking to using it in more ways: for example as a key card and to push sponsored advertising via the application.”    
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