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CRS Provider Intros Flat Fee Unlimited Transaction Model

evolution technology by The Hotel Performance Company, the hospitality e-commerce and e-distribution provider, has introduced a more flexible pricing strategy for hotels.  evolution has created an alternative pricing structure for independent hotels by introducing a subscription-based payment schedule. Hotels can now pay an annual fee for use of its booking engine and channel manager for unlimited transactions and connections, instead of its previous transaction-based payment system, making it a more cost-effective distribution solution than its competitors.
evolution’s new pricing structure will be available to independent hotels. It will also offer hotels a free 21-day trial, where hoteliers can experience the rich features of its booking engine and channel manager and discover great value and business benefits from using one platform for distribution. This platform also serves as a CRS, as evolution treats the GDS as another channel. The technology provider will also no longer tie hotels into a three-year contract. Instead, they will be simple one-page subscription-based agreements, making it a much simpler process for hoteliers.
evolution has also updated its website, making it much more user-friendly and adding a two-minute video on the homepage to give a real insight into its services, including its recently launched next-generation booking engine.
evolution brings together e-commerce products and hotel reservation services to enable hotels to effectively manage and exploit the multi-channel world of e-distribution. evolution allows hotels to increase bookings, optimise revenue and keep complete control over their online profile. evolution’s team of technology experts developed evolution Demand Manager which enables customers to directly control a range of electronic distribution channels, including the GDS, from one simple-to-use interface.     
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