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Crowne Plaza Manhattan to Cut Energy Consumption by 25% with Telkonet

New York City's Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan is the latest hospitality leader to select Telkonet, Inc. cloud-based EcoSmart energy management platform. The Crowne Plaza Times Square chose PAC Consultants to deploy the system throughout the property to optimize guest comfort while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Mr. Stephen D. Pletcher, asset manager for the hotel, owned by City Investment Group, LLC, says, "We installed a number of test rooms and Telkonet performed exceptionally well throughout the process. We received very positive feedback about the Telkonet technology from the guests who stayed in the test rooms and we're anxious to get the system installed before the holiday season. We look forward to harvesting the expected cost reductions and delighting our guests with comfortable and efficient rooms."

The energy management system is expected to reduce overall electricity and steam consumption by nearly 25% in unoccupied rooms. The reduction of equipment run-times will also extend the useful life of the mechanical systems and cut associated maintenance costs.

Telkonet will provide a fully-networked EcoSmart energy management system, replacing the hotel's existing thermostats with ZigBee-enabled EcoInsight thermostats to develop a facility-wide wireless network capable of remotely monitoring and controlling the HVAC system in each guest room.

Employing Telkonet's dynamic Recovery Time technology will ensure guest comfort and maximize energy savings, particularly in unoccupied guest rooms. The entire network will be protected by Telkonet's EcoCare service to ensure optimal operation and provide proactive maintenance services.

Pletcher notes, "The decision to select Telkonet for our energy management system was very deliberate and included exhaustive reference checks. Our Times Square Crowne Plaza hosts guests from all over the world. We wanted the functionality of the system we selected to be similar to what many of our guests are likely to have in their own homes... legible displays, easy to understand controls, simple and clean functionality."

Overall, the company says the ability of the system to monitor itself, assist the hotel manager in responding to guest comfort issues from a remote location without the necessity of visiting the rooms, and being able to see the savings they are accruing on a room-by-room basis are all substantial reasons they selected Telkonet.
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