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Crescent Hotels & Resorts Turns to Cloud to Manage Sales

The hotel management group Crescent Hotels & Resorts has a 66-property portfolio consisting of brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and InterContinental Hotels, plus an independent collection. With a dynamic corporate sales team scattered across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, Crescent relies on high-tech help to manage its hands-on approach.
The company turned to hotel SalesPro, a web-based multi-property sales and catering software from hotel SystemsPro, to allow its team to access properties’ sales performance, accounts, leads, and group bookings remotely from any web browser or mobile device. “When client account data can be accessed from the web, it enables our corporate sales executives to more efficiently support the property’s sales efforts,” says Lovell Casiero, Crescent senior vice president of sales & marketing and client relations.
hotel SalesPro’s centralized business intelligence upped the efficiency of Crescent’s budgets and forecasts as well. “We log into hotel SalesPro and see a breakdown of group bookings, pace, and forecasts anytime to evaluate performance against plan,” says Casiero. “The system provides an excellent suite of reports that display performance and measure property attainment.”
Time management
hotel SalesPro also helps Crescent executives maintain their hands-on service approach. “My challenge as SVP of marketing is to help property teams organize their time to be proactive to achieve our sales goals and ownership objectives. Time management is essential to productivity, and hotel SalesPro makes it easy for sales teams to organize their time more efficiently. The system also automates our administrative tasks. Our teams can merge Word text with contracts, BEO’s and other forms to create sales documents quickly.”
About 60 percent of Crescent’s properties use hotel SalesPro. The company installs the sales system when it transitions into a new hotel, unless there has already been a significant investment in another solution. “We recently implemented 12 new systems at once when we acquired a portfolio of hotels in Canada,” says Casiero. “The hotel SystemsPro team was excellent. They lift a hotel staff to a higher performance by installing the technology, then teaching us how to use it efficiently. The bottom line is that it accomplishes more than other sales solutions at less cost to owners.”
Crescent Hotels & Resorts is also beta testing hotel ServicePro, an economical hotel maintenance solution that preserves property asset value, at several properties. The system improves guest service by automating the communication, scheduling, tracking and reporting of tasks surrounding best practices, guest requests, safety requirements and preventive and equipment management.

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